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A2Billing release Version 2 upgrade

A couple of days ago Star2Billing announced the latest release of their popular open source call billing platform – A2Billing.

This release takes it from version 1.9.4 to 2.0.1. Here is a list of items updated in the latest release –

  • Major security improvements to the UI
  • New Paypal API to support HTTP 1.1
  • Support for all Asterisk versions including Asterisk 11
  • Enhanced DID billing including peak and off peak rates for A-leg
  • New least cost routing mode to select the lowest cost rate from a range of carriers
  • New API added for third party phones to retrieve and display the balance
  • Tax and Country added to bulk creation of accounts
  • Code cleaning to adhere to PHP coding standards

One of the most interesting additions is the update of the least cost routing model. You could always create different outbound routes in A2Billing and calls would be routed via the least expensive. However, A2Billing would always match the most explicit rate, meaning sometimes calls did not choose the least expensive trunk.

For example, if you had two carriers for calls to the UK, and in their rate cards rates were listed like this –

Carrier A  –  Destination : 441604  –  Cost : $0.05

Carrier B  –  Destination : 441  –  Cost : $0.01

A2Billing would choose to route calls to 441604283000 via Carrier A because the rate matched more closely.

This has been resolved in A2Billing v2 and rates are now matched on all rate cards before the least expensive route is chosen.

We’re currently testing A2Billing v2 and will likely upgrade the hosting templates available shortly.

For more information about A2Billing hosting visit the website – sysadminman.net/a2billing-2go-hosting.html

More information about A2Billing can be found on the Star2Billing website

FreePBX: Module Admin and System Update

This tutorial is based on Asterisk 1.6.2 and FreePBX 2.7

FreePBX is based on a modularised architecture. This means that features can be enabled and disabled as required. It also means that new features can be added as modules become available.

The FreePBX version can also be upgraded using an ‘upgrade module’.

Before doing any upgrades to FreePBX it is always advisable that you have a full system backup in case of encountering issues. Also be aware that if you use the FreePBX backup module to backup the configuration you may experience issues if you try to restore this to a different version of FreePBX.

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FreePBX security advisory for version 2.5.1

On 15/1/2010 a security advisory was released for FreePBX version 2.5.1 (and potentially earlier versions) concerning a SQL injection vulnerability. If you are running this version then I would suggest upgrading to version 2.5.2. You can find more details of the vulnerability here.

You can upgrade through the FreePBX GUI by using the module admin menu. Here are the steps –

* While FreePBX 2.6 is available please make sure you’re aware of any implications before updating to this version.

1 – Select the ‘Module Admin’ menu

2 – Click ‘Upgrade All’

3 – Click ‘Process’

4 – Click ‘Confirm’

5 – Click ‘Return’

6 -Click ‘Apply Changes’

Asterisk upgrade breaks IAX extensions

If you have upgraded your version of Asterisk and find that your IAX2 extensions no longer work then the cause could be a change to the IAX protocol. This was made to resolve a security issue that could result in a denial of service attack.

You will see this error in the Asterisk log file if you are suffering from this issue –

chan_iax2.c: Call rejected, CallToken Support required.

If you use FreePBX then Asterisk can be made to function the same as before by adding the following 2 lines to /etc/asterisk/iax_general_custom.conf –

calltokenoptional =
maxcallnumbers = 16382

You will also need to do a –

 iax2 reload

or restart Asterisk for the changes to take effect.

More information about the reason for this change and the implications for disabling call token checking can be found here –