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IPv6 tunnel on OpenWRT using tunnelbroker.net

I’m far from an IPv6 expert so this is more a detail of my experiences, rather than a detailed setup guide.TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND

My ISP does not provide native IPv6 yet to their ADSL customers but I wanted to set up IPv6 on my local network, and be able to access the Internet using IPv6. To do this I’m using a free tunnel fromĀ tunnelbroker.net. The way this works is that your IPv6 packets are wrapped up in IPv4 and sent to tunnelbroker. There they are unwrapped and sent on their way, as IPv6 packets. Once set up this is transparent to you and you just treat it as a normal IPv6 network.

When you sign up for a free tunnel with tunnelbroker you will receive several pieces of information that you will need to set up your tunnel.

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