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Slow rate browsing in A2Billing

I recently looked at an A2Billing 1.34 install that was slow to browse the rates through the GUI. There were over 800,000 rates which was causing the slowdown. While probably not a good idea to have so many rates, it is possible to speed up this screen by creating an index in MySQL.

To do that –

Log in to MySQL –

(you should be able to get the username/password you need from the top of the /etc/asterisk/a2billing.conf file)

mysql -u a2billing-user -p mya2billing

Create an index on the destination field in the cc_ratecard table –

create index ind_cc_ratecard_destination using btree on cc_ratecard(destination);

To find out why queries are taking so long in MySQL you can turn on the slow-query log in MySQL.

See here for more info – http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/slow-query-log.html

FreePBX IVR slow to respond

If you’re using FreePBX or one of the distributions that use it such as Trixbox, Elastix, PBX-in-a-Flash and are having a problem with IVRs being slow to respond it it is worth checking that you do not have “Enable Direct Dial” enabled for the IVR.

This option allows a customer to dial an extension number rather than an IVR menu option but this means that FreePBX has to wait to see if an extension number is being dialled, which can introduce a delay.

If you don’t need callers to be able to dial extensions from an IVR then you can turn this option off.

FreePBX - disable Enable Direct Dial