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Yealink, PBX-in-a-Flash and automatic phone deployment

Yealink SIP-T22PIf you just have a few phones on a local site then it’s possible to set them up manually. Entering the IP address of the Asterisk server and configuring any buttons might not take too long.

However, if you have more than a few phones, or phones on a remote site, then you are going to want to manage them centrally.

It’s possible to do that with a FreePBX module called End Point Manager (EPM). You can use this with any recent version of FreePBX, for this guide I will be using PBX in a Flash. This guide is designed as a quick walkthrough of what’s possible, rather then a detailed guide looking at all of the options.

End Point Manager setup

End Point Manager is enabled in PBX-in-a-Flash by default. If it’s not on your FreePBX then it can be installed under Tools/Modules.

First you need to go to Endpoint Configuration and enable the templates for the handset types you are using. I’m going to be using a Yealink T22, so that’s what I’ve enabled –

enable yealink t22

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