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Humbug Labs – VOIP fraud – Hourly Threshold alert

Humbug Labs is an online service that can monitor your Asterisk CDR records and generate e-mail/SMS alerts based on predefined traffic patterns.

There are quite a few different types of alerts and you should spend a few minutes selecting the alerts that are relevant to your PBX system. Statistics are available free with Humbug Labs, and fraud alerts are available for a small monthly charge, based on your monthly call volume.

Hourly Threshold

If a fraudster does figure out a way to place unauthorised calls through your phone system there’s a good chance they will place as many calls as they can, as quickly as possible. This can be a problem with VOIP as you may not have a limited number of ‘channels’ as you do with traditional phone systems.

Humbug Labs includes an alert that will send an e-mail/SMS if your system is used to place more than a predefined number of calls in an hour. It can also monitor the duration of all the calls placed in an hour.

Humbug Labs – VOIP fraud – Blacklist Numbers alert

Humbug Labs in an online service that monitors your PBX call records and produces statistics and alerts based on those records. The statistics part is similar to Google Analytics, except for phone systems. It produces graphs and charts based on calls flowing through your PBX.

On Asterisk systems a small client is installed that securely transmits the CDR records to Humbug Lab’s servers. You can monitor multiple PBX’s from a single Humbug Labs account.

For the statistics side you just install the client and it starts monitoring automatically. There is also an alerting component that can generate e-mail or SMS alerts based on call traffic matching a certain pattern.

This takes a few minutes to set up but it well worth it as it will provide an alert should unauthorised calls be placed using your system.

The following few posts are going to describe some of the alerts available.


There are 2 alerts available for blacklist numbers. The first will generate an alert if calls are placed to premium numbers. The second is a ‘Community Blacklist’ and these are telephone numbers that have been collected by Humbug Labs from telecom security organizations, law enforcement agencies, and Humbug’s fraud data repository that are known to be used by fraudsters.

There are no extra configurable options for these alerts. Just switch them on your CDRs will be monitored for calls to these numbers.