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Rhapsody, Ubuntu and Firefox 3

If you’re having trouble logging in to the Rhapsody website and you are running Firefox 3 on Ubuntu (or possibly other flavours of Unix) then the following might be useful.

If, every time you try to log in to the Rhapsody website, you are asked to install the Firefox plugin, even after apparently installing it, then the plugin is not getting installed correctly.

To install the plugin manually try –

Start a shell prompt

cd .mozilla/plugins/
wget http://forms.real.com/real/player/download.html?f=unix/rhapx/RhapsodyPlayerEngine_Inst_Linux.xpi&install=rwih
unzip RhapsodyPlayerEngine_Inst_Linux.xpi

Then restart Firefox.

Hopefully, now you should be presented with a username/password box when you try to log in rather than the plugin install prompt.

Delicious bookmarks disappear

I really like the delicious plugin for firefox (this is being discontinued – see here for alternative – https://dgtl.link/Firefox-Addons) and have been recommending it to people for a while now.

Recently though using the plugin with firefox 3 on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) has been a real pain. “Favorite Tags”  and “Tag Bundles” have been disappearing and losing their settings. This has been going on for a few weeks now and the developers have been working hard on resolving the problem, which turned out to be a corruption in one of the settings files.

They have released a beta fix for this problem, which you currently have to sign up to a Yahoo group to download. Details of the problem and how to obtain the patch can be found here.

Hopefully they will release a mainstream version of this patch soon!