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FreePBX extension monitoring (extenspy) and FOP2

If you run a call centre, or group of call taking agents, then one really useful feature is being able to listen in on their calls. This can be useful for training or for a supervisor to provide assistance.

This is possible with FreePBX, but not very elegant, as the only built in solution is to use Asterisk’s ChanSpy feature. The default feature code for this is ‘555’ and it allows you to cycle through the active channels. Not very flexible.

FreePBX comes with a program called ‘Flash Operator Panel’ (FOP) by default which can be used to visualise the active calls, but again this is not very flexible.

However, there is a new version of FOP, called FOP2, and this can be used to solve the call listening problem. FOP2 is a web based interface that shows you the configured and active extensions. Here is a screenshot –

FOP2 extensions

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