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Swype keyboard for Android

If I had to choose my favourite Android app (and I have a lot!) it would be the Swype keyboard by far. It’s not a huge benefit for typing short words but anything over a few letters and it’s totally amazing. Just slide your fingers on the keyboard in the general direction of the letters and, more often than not, it knows what word you want.

It can definitely take some getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it you won’t want to switch back to a normal on-screen keyboard.

There is an open beta at the moment so why not sign up and give it a go – www.swypeinc.com/index.html

Voice dialling on O2 HTC Desire

As an update to this post – http://sysadminman.net/blog/2010/updating-o2-htc-desire-to-android-2-2-froyo-1340

It looks like the Froyo ROM I initially installed did not include voice dialling. I have now installed LeeDrOiD which does include voice dialling over bluetooth that works with my Plantronics 975. I install LeeDrOiD v1.9 which can be found here – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=724123

You need to ensure your wireless drivers are up to date before installing the LeeDrOiD ROM. Check out the link at the top of this post on how to do that.

As I had already ‘rooted’ my Destire installing the new ROM was a simple case of downloading via WiFI on my Desire, rebooting in to recovery mode and then selecting the ZIP file to flash. I did not wipe this time as I already had Froyo on there, however wiping is recoomended.

Initial thoughts are that voice dialling doesn’t seem as acurate as on the iPhone IOS4, but it’s early days yet. There are also a lot of other tools/utils included with the LeeDrOiD ROM.

Updating O2 HTC Desire to Android 2.2 / Froyo

Yesterday I ‘rooted’ and installed a new ROM on my O2 HTC Desire and I thought I’d post a few links for anyone looking to do the same.

The main reason I rooted my phone was to have the ability to use SIM cards from other providers when travelling. The other reason was to get voice dialling working through my bluetooth headset. Sadly this still isn’t working yet with my Plantronics 975 and needs some more research!

Firstly, if you are looking to root/jailbreak and put on a custom ROM on your Desire then don’t do an ‘Over The Air’ upgrade to Android 2.2. At present it’s not possible to root Android 2.2, although this will no doubt change.

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