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Standby FreePBX server

Something a lot of people want to do is have a standby FreePBX server, as a backup should the primary one fail for any reason (network problem, hardware failure …). It’s actually quite tricky to implement an automated failover HA system that mirrors the realtime configuration of Asterisk/FreePBX, but what is possible using the backup module in FreePBX 2.8+ is to create a standby system that gets updated at regular intervals.

Firstly we need 2 FreePBX systems. Both should have the same version of FreePBX installed (at least v2.8) with the same modules installed. You may not need the exact same module versions on both systems, but I would recommend this. Also, going forward, you would need to remember to update the standby system when applying updates to the primary.

Below I’m going to do a walkthrough of creating a standby server for my demo system. Both systems are running the same version of FreePBX and have the same modules installed and enabled –


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