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Getting started with A2Billing – Part 3 Creating an access DID

Now we’ve got a trunk setup and a rate card and call plan we need a way for our potential customers to actually connect to our system! One way for them to do this is via an access phone number. To test this I’m going to use the IPKall DID we setup here in FreePBX.

This assumes that FreePBX has been setup with some a2billing custom destinations as described here – http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx/installation/inbound-sip-trunk-doesnt-call-extensions. Sysadminman VOIP VPSs are preconfigured for this.

Setting the inbound access number (DID) in FreePBX

This is changing the access DID we created here

In FreePBX click on Inbound Routes on the left hand main menu

Then select “ipkall” (the DID we created here)

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