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Aastra 55i and Trixbox – Call Pickup / BLF

In the previous post here we looked at getting Endpoint Manager in Trixbox working with a couple of Aastra phones.

In this series of posts I’m going to look at some different scenarios and programming the softkeys.

For my test setup I have the following configured –

x1001 – Boss
x1002 – Secretary
Inbound UK DDI which is routed to the Boss’s extension 1001

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Using Aastra phones with Trixbox and Endpoint Manager

Below is a guide for getting Aastra phones up and running with a SysAdminMan Trixbox VPS using Endpoint Manager (You can always configure the phones manually instead of using Endpoint Manager). This guide uses 2 Aastra 55i’s and Trixbox 2.8 CE. This guide could also be used for configuring Endpoint Manager on other distributions.

Firstly you will need to allow access to the TFTP configuration files from your public IP address. You can see how to do this here – http://sysadminman.net/blog/2011/allowing-tftp-access-on-a-sysadminman-trixbox-server-2013

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