Troubleshooting common A2Billing problems

I see customers having the same issues with A2Billing so thought I’d do a list of the most common ones. This list must account for at least 90% of the issues I see. This list applies where A2Billing is installed correctly, but you’re having issues making calls.

Does the call work in the simulator?

The first thing to check is whether the call works OK in the A2Billing call simulator. You can find out how to do this here –

If the call does work OK in the simulator then it’s likely your customers and rate cards are setup correctly and the issue is with your trunk. If the call works OK in the simulator then check your outbound trunk is setup correctly and that you have call credit with your call provider.

If the call doesn’t work in the simulator then check out this list of potential problems …

Is the number in the correct format?

When your customers dial the number they want to call they could do it in a variety of formats. For example when calling a number in London where the country code is 44 and the city code is 20 they might dial –

  • 00 44 20 XXXX XXXX  – international format when calling form the UK
  • 011 44 20 XXXX XXXX  – international format when calling from the US
  • 44 20 XXXX XXXX  – international format with no international access code
  • 020 XXXX XXXX  – local dialling from within the UK

So there are lots of ways the number could be dialled, but the number will be in your A2Billing rate cards in a particular format. You need to ensure when the number is matched against the rate card it is in the correct format. It’s easy to confirm if this is the issue by entering the number in the simulator in the same format it is in your rate cards.

It does depend a little on your circumstances but I normally recommend customers have their rate cards formatted as number 3 in the list above, just starting with the country code, not an international access code.

The international access code can be removed from the number called by …

Setting Yes to “Remove International Prefix” on the rate card –

remove international prefix

Setting the numbers that should be removed on the agi-conf being used –

international prefixes

Is a rate card assign to the call plan?

When you create a call plan there are no rate cards assigned to it, and it’s easy to forget to do that.

Go to your call plan and ensure there is a rate card assigned –

ratecard list

Does your customer have a call plan assigned?

Normally when you create a customer a default call plan is assigned. But if you create your customer before creating a call plan you can end up where no call plan is assigned.

Go to your A2Billing customer and ensure there is a call plan assigned –

customer call plan

Do you actually have a matching rate?

It could be that the simulator is correct and there is no matching rate. To confirm this go to your rates and search for the specific rate you think matches, entering the rate card and call plan you think should be being matched –

matching rate

Time and timezone problems?

This is quite common but difficult to spot. When you create a rate or rate card the start time of that rate/rate card is the current date and time. There can be an issue where the system timezone is set differently to the PHP timezone. Even though it looks like your rate should be active, the system can think it hasn’t reached the start date/time yet.

The easiest way to confirm if this is the issue is to set the start time on your rate and rate cards to a time well in the past.

rate start times

Is the expiry date of the rate card 0000-00-00?

There was a bug a while back which caused the expiry date of the rate card to get set incorrectly. If this is the case you should upgrade A2Billing!

If you know any more common issues please let me know and I’ll add them to the list!

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