FreePBX 12 – Configure outbound calling

For outbound calling we need to tell FreePBX what trunk (call provider) we should use when we dial a number that’s not an extension number or a special internal number.

We need to specify 2 things at least – the number pattern to match and the trunk to send the call via. The number pattern can be anything from “all numbers” to say numbers starting with “447540”. We can use this to send different types of calls via different providers. Maybe we want to use one provider for landline calls and another for mobile calls.

1 – Select Connectivity / Outbound Routes from the main menu

FreePBX 12 Outbound Routes

2 – Enter the Outbound Route details

Give the Outbound Route a name

FreePBX 12 add route details

Scroll down and click on the blue question mark next to “Dial Patterns that will use this Route”. This will give you some information about creating dial patterns. You don’t need to remember all of this (!) but it’s useful to know what’s going on and what you can do

FreePBX 12 dial patterns

We are going to enter “X.” in the “Match Pattern” box. This will match any number that is not an extension or special internal number and send it to or call provider

FreePBX 12 dial pattern info

3 – Giving it a try!

You should now be able to make a test call.

One important point to note is that you must dial the number how the call provider is expecting you to send it to them. This varies by provider so check with them. We can enter settings to modify the number called and get it in the expected format, but while testing it’s best to dial the number in the expected format

FreePBX 12 calling a test number



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