FreePBX 12 – Configure inbound calling

Configuring inbound calling can be one of the trickiest things to get working in FreePBX. Here we are going to configure the inbound number we purchased with Localphone.

One of the most important points is that you must match the inbound phone number exactly as the call provider are sending it to you. This can vary by provider so check with them what you should do. If you still can’t get it working open a support ticket and we’ll check it out.

1 – Select Connectivity / Inbound Routes from the main menu

FreePBX 12 Connectivity Inbound Routes

2 – Enter Inbound Route details

Give the Inbound Route a description (I’ve used the DDI number) and enter the “DID Number” (called DDI Number in the UK). By default for localphone (and some other providers) this will be your account number. If you need information about bypassing this limitation (as you won’t be able to route more than one number to different places) please open a support ticket.

FreePBX 12 Incoming call details

Scroll down and enter the destiantion you would like the call to go to. This would normally be an extension, ring group, IVR, etc … but we are going to play music to the caller. This is the simplest way to test. To do this you can select “Terminate Call – Put caller on hold forever”, the caller will then get music on hold

FreePBX 12 Inbound Route destination

3 – Give it a test!

You should now be able to call your number and get music-on-hold. To test you should not call from a FreePBX extension, but a completely separate phone. Once you’ve tested and it’s working you can change the destination of the call.

If it doesn’t work then there are some troubleshooting steps here –, or just open a support ticket and we’ll have a look

4 thoughts on “FreePBX 12 – Configure inbound calling

  1. Abhinav

    hello there,

    we are using RASPBX using raspberry Pi and we have installed RasPBX (Asterisk 11.18.0 & freepbx 12.0.76)
    the problem is I configure Trunk and also outbound routes in freePBX but i can not able to configure inbound route, i done all the things which you are displayed in your blog & tried all other things to configure inbound route
    outbound trunk is ready to use but only inbound route is not working and ‘m not getting incoming call in my freePBX .
    please help me how can i do this?
    looking forward to your comments.

  2. Abhinav

    hello thanks for your respond

    but actually I’m not use cent OS, I’m using window OS and when I tried to install tcpdump using putty than its gave error command not found!
    so how can I check my server getting request from incoming number?

  3. Matt Post author

    The tcpdump command should be done on the FreePBX box, the RasPBX.

    You would need to SSH on to that first.

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