A2Billing advanced troubleshooting

This is intended for advanced users – please see here for general A2Billing troubleshooting tips – https://sysadminman.net/blog/2015/troubleshooting-common-a2billing-problems-6451

Sometimes it can be really useful to figure out what’s going on behind the scenes in A2Billing. This is useful for tracking down bugs.

It’s very unlikely you’d want to do this unless you have a good understanding of editing Linux files, PHP and MySQL.

To find out what queries A2Billing is running when we look at things in the GUI we can turn on “PHP Quick Profiler”

On a SysAdminMan VPS you turn this on by editing the file –


and set –

define ("PHP_QUICK_PROFILER", true);

Once we set this to true A2Billing will display an information panel at the bottom of each page. This will show what files are being used and what database queries are running to generate the page –

a2billing php quick profiler

You will definitely want to turn this off once you’ve finished debugging.

As I say this is not something you would normally ever have to do.