FOP2 with FreePBX overview

FOP2 makes a great addition to FreePBX, especially if you use your phone system in a sales environment. FOP2 is a web based panel for managing live calls on your PBX.

I’m going to write a few posts going over some of the features, and this post is designed to give you an overview of what FOP2 is and how it works.

My test phone system has 3 extensions linked to a SysAdminMan hosted FreePBX system –

3 x FreePBX extensions

These extensions are set up and managed in FreePBX, and this is what they look like in the FOP2 panel –


The 3 extensions there are created directly from the FreePBX config, we don’t need to set them up again in FOP2. We are currently logged in as extension 1001 and using the buttons at the top we can call a number, transfer a call, record a call, listen in on another call, etc … All the options are based on permissions that you can configure in the FOP2 admin interface.

It also gives a great overview of what calls are happening on the PBX. You can see below that x1002 is on the phone to x1003 –


FOP2 Admin Interface

FOP2 includes its own admin interface where you can assign extension/user permissions. You can also install additional modules, some of these are free and some paid-for –

FOP2 admin

There is a free license for FOP2 which allows up to 15 buttons, but most people will want to pay the small license fee of $40 for unlimited buttons.

Please check out the SysAdminMan FreePBX hosting plans, you can add FOP2 to any PBX15 or higher plan –¬†