New GoIP (GSM to SIP gateway)

For quite a while now I’ve had lots of enquires from customers wanting to use a GoIP with A2Billing on their SysAdminMan VPS. So I thought I’d order a test one and write some documentation!

A GoIP is a small box that accepts a full size GSM SIM. It can then take Asterisk/SIP calls and send them via a mobile phone provider, or pass incoming mobile calls to Asterisk.

I ordered from this e-bay seller on 23/11/13 – and the GoIP was delivered today, 10 days later.


It was delivered with a 2 pin (rather than UK) plug which is no great surprise. So you’ll need a power adapter for it. Alternatively you could use a different power adapter, which is 12v 500mA output.

A couple of things to consider if you are thinking about trying a GSM/SIP gateway –

  • You are likely breaking your mobile operators terms of service. If you abuse it be prepared to be disconnected!
  • You will not be able to pass a caller ID to the GSM network. The person being called will see either the SIM card caller ID, or no caller ID