Manually adding customer payment in A2Billing

If you use Post Pay customers in A2Billing then you have 2 options for maintaining the customers credit limit and balance. You could invoice the customer directly from A2Billing but it can be complex to set up and many businesses already have an invoicing system in place.

The other option is to invoice the A2Billing customer on an external billing system, and then credit the A2Billing account manually on receipt of payment. You will want to credit the A2Billing account or once the customer reaches their credit limit they will be unable to make calls.

Setting up the customer as Post Pay and their credit limit is done when creating the A2Billing account –

Once you have invoiced the customer for their calls and received the payment you will want to credit the account  by going to BILLING / Refills –

and then clicking Add Refill on the right hand side –

Once there enter the customer ID, amount to refill and select No to creating an invoice –

A2Billing refill information

That payment should then get added to the customers balance.