Backing up FreePBX

This post was written by a SysAdminMan customer. If you’ve got some FreePBX or A2Billing tips you would like to share please get in touch.

We are a small company and like everyone else busy.  So far we have not backed up our FreePBX settings, there always seems something more urgent to do.  However I am conscious that we backup every other piece of information we hold so we should backup our phone settings and voicemail. This is what we did:

1. Go to top left menu option “Admin”

2. Select “Backup & Restore”


3. Next, just like any other backup, I made sure I gave the file a sensible name and description of what I was backing up.

4. The next section looks a little daunting, here is where you say what you are backing up.  To be safe I’ve done a backup of everything. To do this select file on the left, then drag a template called “full backup” the right and drop it on the left. FreePBX selects all the defaults here for you.

5. The next section is backup hooks, defining hook parameters means that scripts can be set to run before or after the backup has taken place.  I think this is for advanced users and have left this section blank.

6. The drop down box allows you to select the server the server you are backing up, an easy decision, select “This server”

7. The next part is storage servers, this is where we are storing the backup. Drag one or more of the locations over and drop.


8. The next section defines the frequency of the backup. As a small user with very few changes to the phone setup, Monthly will do for now.  For reference the frequencies work as follows

  • Never – Used if you want to define a backup plan but run it manually
  • Hourly – Every hour at XX minutes past
  • Daily – Every day at XX time
  • Weekly – Every XX day at XX time
  • Monthly – The 1st of each month at XX time
  • Annually -The 1st January at xx time
  • Reboot – When the FreePBX is rebooted, a backup will be made
  • Custom – Allows definition of a custom time and date for backup.

9. Lastly define how long you want to hold the backup for, I’m going to keep 3 months worth, at once a month this means I’ll keep 3 backups.

10. Lastly remember to save the settings at the very bottom and sleep well, the FreePBX is backed up, just in case

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  1. steve

    When I define what to backup (file->full backup) and, subsequently, click on save, it prompts me to add a file path… Is there a standard path I can put in there? -Tjanx

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