Asterisk control panel for Windows

I came across an interesting project today called AstchannelsLive. It’s a Windows panel for monitoring and managing Asterisk calls in progress. A little like FOP2 but instead of being web based and running on the Asterisk server, it’s a native Windows application.

It was very easy to install, just run the installer and point it at your Asterisk server. You will need to allow the application access to your Asterisk server. If you’re a SysAdminMan customer and want help with this just open a support ticket.

You can see all of the extensions and trunks and perform actions such as park, hangup, transfer etc. I only spent a few minutes testing it, and it’s maybe not the prettiest looking application, but it worked fine and definitely looks promising.

Check it out here –


Do bear in mind there’s an inherent risk with allowing any software to connect to your Asterisk server.