SysAdminMan FusionPBX password change and IP whitelist

SysAdminMan FusionPBX passwords

SysAdminMan’s FusionPBX servers have 2 levels of security. The first is a master web server username/password. The second is the built FusionPBX username/password.

The second username/password can be changed in the FusionPBX web GUI by selecting Accounts / User Manager.

The first web server password can only be changed via the SSH command line.

To do this log in to your server as ‘root’ using something like Putty

Then run the following command –

# admin-passwd
New password:
Re-type new password:

SysAdminMan FusionPBX IP whitelist

Each server also runs fail2ban and denyhosts. These provide security against hackers but it’s also possible to accidentally block your own IP address. To whitelist your IP address you can run the following command via SSH (see above) –


Usage : IPADDRESS (eg -