IP authentication in A2Billing using SIP

When you create a SIP enabled account in A2Billing then by default it will be setup to use username/secret authentication. If you want to use IP authentication (where the A2Billing customer uses a fixed IP address to authenticate to you instead) then there are a few settings to change on the SIP account.

This guide was done using A2Billing v1.9.4 and the SIP accounts are created under the “CUSTOMERS/VoIP Settings” menu. Previous versions had a different menu name, but the general idea is the same.

After creating the SIP account check the following –

Change HOST to the IP address of the customer –


Change TYPE to ‘peer’ –


Set USERNAME to be blank –


Set SECRET to be blank –


8 thoughts on “IP authentication in A2Billing using SIP

  1. matt Post author

    Another tip if it doesn’t work …

    Make sure in the VOIP account settings for the customer you also have –


  2. Najib

    Hi Matt, I have tested IP auth while using real-time, but it doesn’t work (same settings as mentioned). I changed A2Billing Realtime to “NO”. It works when Real-time=no (requires the additional_a2billing_sip.conf file to be present with the IP.

    Please comment. if I could’ve done something wrong, for it not to work. Realtime was working fine with SIP registrations on the same server. (I didn’t setup a trunk for the customer in FreePBX, could that be the issue?, because wouldn’t that be the same as non-realtime, if I have the ip in a conf file)

    Kind Regards


  3. Matt Newcombe Post author

    Hi Najib

    Did you set PORT=5060? It’s not too clear from the post this needs doing.

    Cheers, Matt

  4. Gerson

    hi guys, you forget config the parameter:
    insecure = port,invite
    you need that in realtime if you want to autenticate by IP.

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