HTC ONE S home button fault

I had a HTC Desire for about three years and really liked it. A couple of months ago I upgraded to a HTC ONE S. In general it’s a great phone. It’s not so big it won’t fit in your pocket and the camera is pretty good.

However, I recently took it on a trip. Normally I use the phone in an area with good 3G reception and also WiFi. Travelling around though and the reception was sometimes just GSM/2G and this has caused a serious issue with the phone.

The Home button repeatedly activates, even when it is not being pressed. This makes the phone pretty much unusable.

Here you can see an example of the bug in action (not my video) –

It seems like this is a known fault and widely reported, but so far HTC haven’t admitted this to me. They said to try a factory reset (which made no difference) and are now asking that I send the phone in for ‘repair’. I’m really hoping that this is just a software issue that can be fixed by a firmware update.

If you have this issue there are lots of places to get some info. Here are some –

Pretty disappointing for a £350 phone.