FusionPBX getting started : The Freeswitch log viewer

When calls don’t work as expected in FusionPBX the first place to turn are the Freeswitch logs. You can view these through the web interface, and they are nicely colour coded.

Let’s say when I was setting up my Inbound Route I wasn’t sure how the call was being presented. Instead of puttingĀ 7067652072 as the Destination Number in the Inbound Route I entered it with the country code 1 in front, like this – 17067652072. Now when I call the number I just hear silence, so lets see what’s going on.

First select Status / Log Viewer from the menu –

FusionPBX Status - Log Viewer

Now after doing a test call look at the logs. The log entries you are looking for start : Dialplan –

FusionPBX Status - Log Dialplan

There will be other log entries so you will need to look through for the Dialplan entries. We can see from the green line at the top the call coming in from 441604283000 and going to 7067652072.

You can also see the line half way down with the green “Regex (PASS)” that the call comes in to the “public” context (the context for our external calls). Then on the next line we get “Regex (FAIL)” when it tries to match the number being presented “7067652072” to the number we used in the Inbound Route “17067652072”. So we would need to go and edit (or recreate) the Inbound Route using the DDI number that is being presented.

After the call processes all of the Dialplan rules and finds no match the call is disconnected. Once we have the correct Inbound Route entry the Dialplan should match and the call be forwarded to the destination.