FusionPBX getting started : Setting up an extension

This is the first part in a series of posts showing how to get started with FusionPBX. They will run through setting up an extension and also making and receiving external calls.

In this post we’ll use a fresh install of FusionPBX and X-Lite 4.1 on Windows as a softphone.

First log in to your new FusionPBX install –

FusionPBX login

Next click Accounts / Extensions –

Adding an extension in FusionPBX

Next client the Plus (+) sign on the right hand side of the page –

Adding an extension in FusionPBX

Now enter the extension details. The only thing required, and the only thing we are going to enter, is the extension number 1234 –

Add extensions page

and click save to save the extension settings.

Now we’re going to click on the edit extension button, next to the extension we just created –

Edit FusionPBX extension

And now click in the password box, which will display the auto generated password for the extension –

FusionPBX extension password

Now we can use those extension details in the X-Lite accounts page. All we need is the FusionPBX server IP address, the extension number and the extension password –

X-Lite configuration for FusionPBX extension

Finally we can make a test call to *9664 which should be Music On Hold if everything has worked OK –

FusionPBX Music On Hold


1 thought on “FusionPBX getting started : Setting up an extension

  1. OJ


    I am deploying a small installation of Freeswitch and FusionPBX where I only need 3-digit extensions. Do you know how to accomplish this task? It seems that FusionPBX uses 4-digit extensions by default and creates all the dialplans accordingly. I am able to create 3 digit extensions and register the IP Phones but calls between then don’t work. Can you please tell me how to fix the dialplans?

    I am running version 3.1.14 of FusionPBX

    I really appreciate any help


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