FusionPBX getting started : Making an outbound call

In this example we are going to use voip.ms as our outbound call provider. They have reasonable rates and a SIP server located in the UK.

We will need the voip.ms SIP username and password details that we are going to use, and also the voip.ms proxy server we will use.

First select the Accounts / Gateway menu option –

FusionPBX Accounts Gateways

Next click the Add button at the right of the screen to add a new gateway –

FusionPBX add gateway

Now enter the details for the voip.ms gateway. I have highlighted the details that will need to be changed –

FusionPBX gateway details

If the details were entered correctly we should be able to see that FusionPBX has registered with voip.ms. You may need to refresh this page to get the updated status –

FusionPBX gateway registered

Now we need to create an Outbound Route to tell FusionPBX what calls to send to voip.ms. Click on the Dialplan / Outbound Routes menu option –

FusionPBX dialplan outbound

and click the add button –

FusionPBX add outbound route

Next we enter the outbound route details. The bits to enter/check have been highlighted. The Dialplan Expression is definitely the trickiest part. This is where the number that the caller dialled is matched. This time we’re going to use a very simple example. Any number that is 12 digits long will be routed to voip.ms. This lets us dial a UK number, starting with the country code (44) that is 12 digits long in total –

FusionPBX outbound route details

And finally, if that all went OK, we should be able to dial a number using the extension we set up in part 1 –

FusionPBX outbound test call