FusionPBX getting started : Conference Room

Setting up a conference room in FusionPBX is very straight forward, and there is a very nice admin page to enable you to manage a conference that is in progress.

To add a conference select Apps / Conferences –

FusionPBX Conference

then click on the add (+) icon on the right of the screen.

Now enter the conference room details. The only things we need to enter are a name and extension number –

FusionPBX Conference details

Next, if you want to be able to call the conference from external numbers rather than just internal extensions, change the Inbound Route to point to the conference (it may be easier to delete the Inbound Route and recreate it) –

FusionPBX Inbound Route to Conference

Now you should be able to call in to the conference. 

If you select Status / Active Conferences you will see a list of the configured conferences –

FusionPBX Active Conferences

If you click on View next to one of then you will get the conference admin page. This is updated in real time and you can mute, kick, increase the volume etc of any of the callers. You can also record the conference –

FusionPBX Conference Admin

1 thought on “FusionPBX getting started : Conference Room

  1. Uday Kumar

    Hi, I am trying to create Conference but in my current fusionPBX conference option is not available. On the place of conference its showing Conference Center. I want to create a conference without pin but in Conference Center without pin its not possible.

    Please guide me .

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