AsteriskNOW virtual hosting

SysAdminMan has added AsteriskNOW to the list of available templates.

AsteriskNOW includes the version of Asterisk certified for the new Digium IP Phones plus FreePBX v2.10

More information about AsteriskNOW hosting can be found here –

1 thought on “AsteriskNOW virtual hosting

  1. Tom

    This is exactly what I am looking for. I am sick of paying Virgin a fortune every month for a basic service. I can see this being a good solution for home or very small businesses or remove offices etc. The only issue could be the learning curve of setting up the service could put less technical people off.

    On the other hand it could also be a perfect testbed for someone who wants to roll out a larger system but want’s to learn on something that doesn’t cost a fortune.

    I am ready to sign up, I happen to have some Gigaset A510 phones coming to me tomorrow and I have ordered my Sip trunk from Orbtalk this afternoon £2.40 a month for a ‘lite’ connection – ( and very good call costs (£0.009 national and £0.075 all uk mobile networks).

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