AsteriskNOW: Setting up an extension

AsteriskNOW uses version 2.10 of FreePBX which looks a little different to the previous guides that I’ve written. This is the first part in a new series of guides for someone getting started with AsteriskNOW or FreePBX 2.10.

In this guide we’re going to look at setting up a new extension. While the guide is quite long because of the screenshots and pictures, the actual time to set up a new extension is around 10 minutes.

This guide uses an Aastra 55i SIP handset, which is a great phone. However, you can use any SIP compatible handset with Asterisk/FreePBX.

Log in to AsteriskNOW. After logging in you will see the main status page –

main status page

Click on Applications. The only application installed by default is the Extension module, so you will be taken straight to that page. Click Submit to create a new SIP extension –

add extension menu

Enter the Extension Number and Display Name. The extension number is what we’ll enter in to the handset as the username. Display name is just a text field –

add extension part 1

Next scroll down and enter the extension password (use a complex password!) and also change NAT to yes if you are behind a NAT router (nearly always the case if you’re using ADSL or cable broadband) –

add extension part 2

Now scroll down to the bottom and click Submit –

add extension submit

and now at the top of the page click on Apply to apply the new settings –

add extension apply

That’s the extension created in AsteriskNOW. Next we need to point the extension at the server. Exactly how you do this will depend on the hand set, but you will need the following details –

  • Proxy server = IP address of AsteriskNOW server
  • Registrar server = IP address of AsteriskNOW server
  • SIP port = 5060
  • Extension number = 1000 in the example above
  • Extension password = SecretPass12 in the example above

Find the SIP settings configuration page for the handset –

aastra 55i sip settings

Enter the IP address of the AsxteriskNOW server in to the boxes for Proxy server and Registrar server. Ensure the port is set to 5060 –

aastra 55i proxy registrar

Enter the extension number you created in AsteriskNOW –

aastra 55i sip username

Enter the password for the extension we created –

aastra 55i sip password

And that’s it! Make sure the handset is connected to the network (and that it will get a DHCP address from the router) and reboot it.

We can now make a test call to “*43”. This is an echo test number and should give us a recorded message and the repeat everything we say in to the handset. This is a really good way to test theĀ  connection between you and the AsteriskNOW server –

aastra 55i echo test

3 thoughts on “AsteriskNOW: Setting up an extension

  1. Herman

    I have successfuly installed asterisknow &I can access the GUI but when I go to add extension generic Rjsip Device Submit I get fatal Error what can I do please help me out

  2. Jeret

    Hi i need some advice and guide. I have just downloaded the latest asterisknow and running it on a virtualbox. I can access the webgui. From here i don’t know what to do next. I want to configure it with a sip soft phone and sip trunk service provider.
    I am setting up for testing purposes only. Thank you.

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