AsteriskNOW – Getting started video guide

I have produced some video guides for getting started with AsteriskNOW. These are based on FreePBX 2.10.

There will be some more guides to follow including configuring IVRs, Voicemail and Call Recording.

1 – Configuring an extension

Creating an extension in FreePBX then doing a echo test call with a softphone

2 – Outbound calling

Adding a SIP call provider to the system and making an outbound test call using the extension created earlier

3 – Inbound calling

Setting up a DID/DDI number for the system and making a test call

4 – Add FreePBX features/modules

How to enable addition features in FreePBX

5 – Announcements

Creating an announcement that can be played to incoming callers

6 – Conference calls

Creating a conference room that can be called by internal and external callers

7 – Ring groups

Creating a ring group where multiple extensions ring at the same time for an incoming call

8 – Time conditions

Routing calls based on the time of day and day of the week

3 thoughts on “AsteriskNOW – Getting started video guide

  1. Rob Taylor

    Hi Matt,
    I have a issue with my server and was wondering if you knew what this meant.

    [2013-10-07 07:11:01] WARNING[8859]: sip/config_parser.c:812 sip_parse_nat_option: nat=yes is deprecated, use nat=force_rport,comedia instead
    [2013-10-07 07:11:01] WARNING[8859]: chan_sip.c:30597 build_peer: no value given for outbound proxy on line 0 of sip.conf

    I am using the new Asterisk 11.5 version however when i was using the old one this never happened?

  2. matt Post author

    I think it’s just changes in the expected settings in the new version of Asterisk. They are only warnings, so shouldn’t be having an effect. But you should be able to change the customer SIP account in A2Billing to reflect the expected settings.

  3. Ganbaatar

    Thank you very much Matt.
    I have got an issue. Everything is working perfect on ubuntu 12.04 server in local network.
    But in ubuntu 12.04 server with external ip, i cannot making any call.
    I wondering what is the problem. I saw peer info. peers are registered and status is okay.
    i think is there any problem with firewall.
    pls help me

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