A2Billing video guide Part 5 – Troubleshooting

I finally got round to doing part 5 of this video guide. This walks through a few simple things to check when you’ve set up A2Billing but the calls are not working.

Troubleshooting tips include – checking the rate card with the simulator, checking the trunk setup and using the debug logs to identify the issue.



1 thought on “A2Billing video guide Part 5 – Troubleshooting

  1. abigail

    Hello i seem all your video tutorials, thank you for thar, i have asterisk 1.9. installed and the problem that i have is this:
    when a customer it created via web or by admin, this create sip account and iax account automaly, so the customer can call to the
    access number Dids or login in softphone.

    But when is login in softphone i try to dial a number the can be wharever number and it say please introduce your pin number and
    i want when the customer is login in softphone dial direct and spend his balance calling to the access number and login into the

    Thank you.

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