A2Billing video guide Part 4 – Creating a SIP customer

Part 4 of the quick start video guide for A2Billing shows how to create a SIP enabled customer. This could be used for residential where you are billing a customer connecting their handset directly to your system, or maybe a customer who is connecting another PBX to your system using SIP.

Please not that if you are enabling SIP calling you should check out this security post and make the relevant change – http://sysadminman.net/blog/2011/a2billing-blind-transfer-and-fraud-2823

We also have a quick look at some of the agi-conf settings that affect how this call is handled.

The system used was a clean install of a SysAdminMan virtual server. You can find more details about this here – http://sysadminman.net/sysadminman-freepbx-a2billing-hosting.html



18 thoughts on “A2Billing video guide Part 4 – Creating a SIP customer

  1. longstand

    Hello mat, just wanted to say. Thank you very much for contributing to VOIP, asterisk,a2billing.

    i been reading all your instruction and Been following Step by Step, Line By line. So far i got everything to work.

    but my main purpose to use a2billing is to use it as VoIP Billing & Termination


    Client Call: 888-888-7777 > VOIP Server > IVR SYSTEM Say Press 1 for HR, Press 2 for Support >

    I want to be able to bill the client who has 888-888-7777, and allow the A2billing to charge per-minute, and allow the client to view all the calls? i assume a2billing is able to use this. is it possible?

    If so, can you please forward me to a proper instruction.

    By the way, I’m Using Elastix.

  2. matt Post author

    You should be able to do this by setting up a customer DID in a2billing (888-888-7777) and billing for that call. The call would then be passed to whatever server was doing the IVR

  3. longstand

    I just like to SAY OMG. OMG. an actual Person Replying to me.. and thank you, I been doing Pure asterisk for about 7 months none STOP everyday at my old job and know how to troubleshoot problem. just having problem about using A2billing but i understand the WHOLE concept asterisk and Freepbx, and Iam Great on Following instruction

    Just for anyone having problem Learning A2billing, Please Read Instruction at ” http://www.asterisk2billing.org/documentation/admin/ ” and learn what do WHAT. so you get the understanding of how things suppose to work..

    Matt, thanks for that short reply, it actually me. I will start testing now

  4. matt Post author

    It is true, I’m an actual person 🙂

    Thanks for the link to the docs. The a2billing guys have done a lot of work on that recently, and tidying up the website.

  5. longstand

    Just to let you know, I have a shortcut to your Documentation page. 🙂

    I currently have a Test Server install with elastix 2.2.0 with the latest A2billing 1.9.4.

    I have been reading and trial-and-Errors all day with about 30 minute break, and still have no luck, I have Reformat and Re-image my Test server about hmmm, 8 times today just to save time of re-moving all my trials-and-erros. But i must say.. this head-ekk is paying off. i learn so much for not being able to make my 1 and only 1 purpose i want to use a2billing. I think i did more reading in 1 day than i have ever Read in college.

    Mr. Matt. as I mention , i have read most of the documentation on your website, and i have not found an instruction of how to be able to charge incoming DiD > forwared IVR > Client Press extension which will call a Cellphone. then charge them.

    If you could be so Kind and Direct me to which to follow to what i need to accomplish my task, will be so great..

  6. matt Post author

    Setting up a DID would be something like this – http://sysadminman.net/blog/2011/a2b100-providing-ddidid-numbers-with-a2billing-3233, but if you are passing it to a local IVR after receiving it in A2Billing then that’s actually not something I’ve done before.

    Setting up an IVR is pretty straight forward in FreePBX – http://sysadminman.net/blog/2009/getting-started-with-freepbx-part-5-setting-up-an-ivr-399, you would just need to figure out how to pass the call from a2billing to freepbx.

  7. longstand

    Oh man, it sound so fun. Can’t wait to try it.. If i get it to your I will surely post it here.

    Thanks Matt.

  8. longstand

    Solve one problem. NO WONDER

    List SIP or IAX Friend

    This screen allows the configuration of SIP and IAX friends in A2Billing.

    If larger numbers of customers are to be created,then it is recommended that Asterisk Realtime be implemented. If this is the case, then there is no requirement to regenerate the config files, Additional_A2Billing_SIP.conf or Additional_A2Billing_IAX.conf, as Asterisk will read its configuration straight from the A2Billing database.

    Note that A2Billing is set up for Asterisk Realtime by default, and the above files will not be created automatically, unless you set use_realtime to no in the system settings.

    With A2Billing in Realtime mode, there is no requirement to reload asterisk when a new friend is added or removed, but Asterisk should be reloaded if you make a change, and rtcachefriends SIP or IAX directive is used.

    The dropdown next to Configuration Type will select whether to look at the SIP or IAX friends.

  9. longstand

    Hello again, Matt

    have you done, where if you transfer incoming DID to a local extension, and allow it to charge.

    i have read that a2billing will not charge if did is forwarded/transfer to local DID

    This is COPY and paste from a2billing Documentation:

    To forward to a SIP friend on the system

    In the destination type


    where 123456 is the card number

    e.g. or sip/<> or sip/<>/<>

    A per minute charge will not be applied

    Set Voip call = yes

  10. matt Post author

    Certainly in more recent versions of A2BIlling you can now create a charge on the inbound number itself. This would also get applied if it was forwarded to a VOIP destination.

  11. Mohammed

    hi matt,
    I have one a2billing setup with freswitch. And get my salute i have configured it just seeing your video. However it seemed didn’t worked by testing but one of my client is calling very easily.
    But now whenever i go to create a new customer and whenever they go to dial , they hear a “please enter your pin number”.
    I have two agi-conf and both set to according to your video. I dont know why i created the second 1 same but after doing that it worked. could please tell me what is the problem?

  12. matt Post author

    How are you authenticating the customers? If it’s asking for a PIN then A2Billing is not authenticating the customer correctly.

  13. Alan

    Hi Matt,

    Alan again, on A2Billing Realtime thread recently. I set up 2 x Asterisk / A2Billing servers in load balance. All run fine in realtime. SIP friends can register to either box to make call. The 2 issues I am facing now are:

    1) SIP friend A happens to register on Server 1 cannot call SIP friend B registered on Server 2, and vice versa.
    2) DID number configured to ring SIP friend A, but if DID provider routes call to Server 1 it will not ring SIP friend A registered on Server 2

    As usual, your words of enlightenment are highly valuated.

  14. matt Post author

    Hi Alan,

    You probably don’t want to hear this but I think you are going to struggle to do what you want. Asterisk users registered to one Asterisk server wil not be aware of users on the other.

    What you really need is something like OpenSIPS sitting in front of your 2 (or more) Asterisk/A2Billing servers. All of your users would then register to that, passing the call to one of the Asterisk servers for processing.

    It’s possible for OpenSIPS to share the A2Billing SIP user database. You can then set up your customers as usual in A2Billing, which can then register with OpenSIPS.

    Cheers, Matt

  15. Alan

    Thanks Matt. Just thought I might pick your brain in manipulating the settings and peering A2Billing boxes without OpenSips.

    Stay well.

  16. Alan

    Hi Matt,

    Can OpenSips be installed on same server with Asterisk and A2Billing ? If yes, then would I be right in assuming OpenSips for failover can be installed on 2 x Asterisk and A2Billing servers ?

    Or what would be best setup for OpenSips / Asterisk / A2Billing on 2 servers, with failover ?


  17. matt Post author

    Yes, OpenSIPS could be on the same servers as Asterisk/A2Billing, you would just change Asterisk to listen on a different port and have openSIPS talking to that.

    As OpenSIPS would be reading it’s config from MySQL the main thing that would need to be resilient would by MySQL.

    Cheers, Matt

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