A2Billing video guide Part 2 – Rates, Rate Cards and Call Plans

This video guide shows how to set up A2Billing for calling card and SIP use and is split in to several parts. It follows on from a FreePBX setup guide which can be found starting here – http://sysadminman.net/blog/2011/freepbx-video-guide-part-1-creating-an-extension-3395

The system used was a clean install of a SysAdminMan virtual server. You can find more details about this here – http://sysadminman.net/sysadminman-freepbx-a2billing-hosting.html

The softphone used is called Blink, this works on both Windows and Linux and you can find more details on that here – http://icanblink.com/



8 thoughts on “A2Billing video guide Part 2 – Rates, Rate Cards and Call Plans

  1. Javid


    What if the country that i want to add must have different rates. Like for example: I want Turkey landlines to be free but not their cellphones. I want to charge extra for their cellphones. But their cellphone area code come after their country code (Many countries are like this). So if i add a rate for landline to be free, then the user dials cellphone and still is not being charged.

    Thank you

  2. matt Post author

    You must define the prefix for the destination to be as specific as it needs to be. For example –

    441604 – a UK landline
    4475502 – one UK mobile operator
    4475612 – another UK mobile operator

    Not real numbers but they show that you must make your dialling prefixes in the rate card as specific as they need to be to uniquely identify the destination.

  3. Javid

    o my god, that very hard to do sir. unfortunately my provider does not provide csv file for all those rates.

    anyway thank you for the response.

  4. Lanny

    Hi Matt,
    Your tutorials are really EXCELLENT. You have a fantastic teaching ability.
    Here is a question. Actually 2.

    1) Our sip trunk provider has a csv sheet for rates. However, the sheet headings are completely different from the heading the rate card import show. Even though I try to match them by renaming the headings at the top of the sheet, it has one mandatory column or field which I do not know what it is. The a2billing import shows RATE INITIAL. Do you happen to know what that is?


  5. Stephen

    I am following this instruction on a A2billing v. 2.0.7 installed on VMWare ESXi, and billing increment does not work.
    When I log in as customer calls are charged 1sec. increment

    kindly advice.

  6. Daniel

    How do we setup the rate card for any one destination so it’s free to the customer, ie. No per minute billing. We want to make certain routes free of charge per minute etc

  7. Matt Post author

    Hi Daniel

    You can set a zero sell rate on a rate if you want. You can even do that if there is still a buy cost for the rate. It is possible to set up a default rate and make that zero charge, but I wouldn’t suggest doing that. You may find calls accidentally matching that rate and customers not getting charged for expensive calls.

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