A2Billing template using Twitter Bootstrap

A2Billing is a call billing application for Asterisk. It comes with 3 separate web interfaces – Admin, Customer and Agent. These interfaces look a little dated and I often get asked by people how to modify them, especially the Customer interface.

Titter Bootstrap is a framework for creating web pages. It gives them a standard look and feel, and also prevents some of the issues that can be caused by different browser incompatibilities.

Yesterday I was contacted by someone who is looking at creating a Twitter Bootstrap template for A2Billing. Here is an example of the default customer login page, with the new template alongside it –


He is working on extending the template to more of the interface pages, and am sure would appreciate any feed back or suggestions.

You can find the github pages for the project here – https://github.com/UlisesArcidiacono

and a blog post about the project here – http://devaleph.com/blog/a2billing-customer-template-customization