A2Billing customer portal menus

A2Billing includes a customer portal, where the customer can log in and see their call reports, check call destination charges, see their balance, etc …

By default there will be a lot of menus for the customer in the customer portal like this –

A2Billing customer portal

However, some of those menus may not be relevant to the customer and be confusing. It is possible to restrict what menu options a customer sees. You do this be creating a customer Group in A2Billing.

First go to the CUSTOMERS / Groups menu and click ‘Add Group’ . We’re going to call our new group CDRONLY and select a couple of menu options so the customer can just see their call reports and change their password. You select multiple options by holding down the control key while selecting –

add customer group

Next we edit the customer in A2Billing and set the GROUP to be the new one we just created –

a2billing setting customer group

Now in the customer portal for that customer we will only see the limited options. Obviously in this way we could have different groups of customers that were allowed to do different things in the interface –

customer portal permissions