Using Ekiga open source SoftPhone with Asterisk

ekigaI’ve been playing with a softphone called Ekiga for a little while and I can recommend it. It’s open source (free!) and is available for both Windows and Linux. I tried the Windows version.

Installation is quick and simple and entering the extension details for my Asterisk server got it registered without any problems.

One of the most interesting things is the variety of codecs that Ekiga supports. The ‘default’ for most people when using Asterisk is G711, an 8kHz codec. This should give the same quiality as a ‘regular’ PSTN telephone call.

Ekiga supports G722, a 16kHz codec, and enabling this, along with a pair of USB headphones (Plantronics Audio 655) it was definitely possible to hear the difference. Audio on calls sounded clearer and fuller. This obviously assumes that the call is in G722 end-to-end. If it goes on to the PSTN audio will be converted to a lower quality there.

Maybe even more interesting is the support for CELT. This is a very high qulity stereo codec. While this is not currently supported in Asterisk, version 10 will offer pass-trhu support for CELT (Asterisk 10 Audio Codecs) and, in the future, hopefully be able to transcode it too.

ekiga voice codecsEkiga also offers support for Video.

So if you’re looking for a simple, quick, cross-platform SoftPhone then it’s worth checking out Ekiga –

3 thoughts on “Using Ekiga open source SoftPhone with Asterisk

  1. business

    This means CELT supports better than CD-quality audio in a VoIP environment. ….The FreeSWITCH community thank Jean-Marc Valin the Project Lead for the CELT project whose work made this exciting addition possible…..Some applications that would use such a codec are CD-quality conferencing and radio station backhaul. New codecs such as this one are creating new opportunities for voice and video applications claims the company.

  2. vijeth

    i ve setup asterisk server on 1 machine n ekiga clients on 2 machines….and both the clients ve been registered successfully but for some odd reasons i m not able to hear voice…i ve checked my headphones they work perfectly fine…plz help me!!!

  3. matt Post author

    If you get no audio then it’s likely a problem with NAT. If your router has a SIP ALG you could try disabling it. Otherwise search for Asterisk / NAT and you’ll find lots of info.

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