Using Aastra phones with Trixbox and Endpoint Manager

Below is a guide for getting Aastra phones up and running with a SysAdminMan Trixbox VPS using Endpoint Manager (You can always configure the phones manually instead of using Endpoint Manager). This guide uses 2 Aastra 55i’s and Trixbox 2.8 CE. This guide could also be used for configuring Endpoint Manager on other distributions.

Firstly you will need to allow access to the TFTP configuration files from your public IP address. You can see how to do this here –

Now we will create a couple of SIP extensions that will be used for our Aastra phones. You can create extensions under PBX, PBX Settings. We just need to give the extensions a number and a secret/password. Make sure you use complex passwords!!

Next we need to create an aastra.cfg configuration file to set some basic settings for our phones. Unfortunately the setup script (setup-aastra) included with Trixbox is hard coded to look for an eth interface and on a SysAdminMan VPS the network interface is called venet0:0.

So we will create the file manually. Create a file called /tftpboot/aastra.cfg containing the following lines. Change the IP address to be your SysAdminMan VPS IP address.

time server disabled: 0
time server1:
time zone name: GB-London
time zone code: GMT
time zone minutes: 60
time format: 1
date format: 0

sip proxy ip:
sip proxy port: 5060
sip registrar ip:
sip registrar port: 5060

sip digit timeout: 6

xml application post list:

softkey1 type: speeddial
softkey1 label: "Voice Mail"
softkey1 value: *97

Now, in Trixbox, you can go to PBX, Endpoint Manager –

Now click on the Aastra Phones option and Add Phone. Select one of the extensions we configured earlier and set the type of the handset, in my case a 55i. Now enter the MAC address of the handset that you can find on a sticker on the bottom of the phone –

Now I have a couple of handsets configured in Endpoint Manager –

Now we should just need to tell the handset the IP address of the Asterisk/TFTP server. To do that go in to the Administrator Menu (default password : 22222), Configuration Server, TFTP Settings, Primary Server –

And now if we restart the phones they should download their configuration (and maybe update the firmware) and you are ready to go –

In a later post I will look at configuring some more of the handsets buttons.