and Google Analytics statistics

I’ve been publishing my blog for a couple of years now and thought it would be interesting to share some of the statistics that have been collected about it. My blog in mainly guides and tips for using Asterisk/FreePBX/A2Billing and also some general VOIP stuff.

Sometimes I think a blog is not the best platform for documentation. It’s a bit unstructured but I like having the date articles were published as documentation soon goes out of date.

So here are some of the figures collected by Google Analytics over the past year. I’m not sure there’s any really reliable stats systems, but Google Analytics relies on the client running Javascript so it’s probably as good as it gets.


In the past 12 months there have been around 121,000 visits, with just over 75,000 from unique IP addresses. Pretty good I think for a small blog about VOIP! The traffic is growing month on month. The busiest days are weekdays, with a slight drop off at the weekends.



There are a good proportion of visitors that return to the site. with over 46,000 IP visitors returning. Some of the how-to’s are quite long and I’m sure people have to keep re-reading to figure out exactly what I meant!

traffic source


A huge proportion of the traffic comes form Google, with other search engines way down the list. This shows just how dominant Google are in the field of search.




And I guess not surprisingly most of my viewers are not using Internet Explorer. With Firefox top and Google Chrome second in the choice of browsers. However, Google Chrome has become more popular just looking at later months, rather than back over the previous year.

So my plan is to keep writing more (hopefully!) interesting posts and we’ll see what the visitor numbers look like in another year!