Nortel 1535 – WiFi and Language tips

Nortel 1535 WiFi SIP handsetThese tips were sent to me by a reader of the blog and I thought they might be useful for other people struggling with the Nortel 1535. I’ve definitely seen that the phone is temperamental myself. Being very choosy about the routers that it will work well with.

Here are the tips –

  • When setting up WiFi profile, be sure to add the SSID by scanning for WifI AP’s.
  • When setting up or switching to WiFi profile be sure to let the phone scan for AP’s, and select your SSId from the list.
  • Not all 1535 seem to be created equally, mine for instance takes several tries before it finally lists available AP’s.
  • When listing fails, it even tells me Wifi Profile not enabled. Ignore that and try again until eventually the AP’s are shown.
  • Then pick your SSID and configure the security settings. This way the phone stores the WiFi information differently than by entering your SSID by hand. When entered by hand, on restart the phone will connect fine to WiFi but will not automatically register the SIP account. When you let the phone search and list available WiFi AP’s and you configure the WiFi in this way, the phone will automatically start the registering of the phone after a restart or after switching from LAN to WiFi.
  • If the scanning of WiFi fails with “Wireless profile not enabled” , it might help to put the phone further away from your WiFi router. If scanning still fails, you can enter the SSID manually and register manually. When the phone is restarted, there is no guarantee that it will automatically register after restart if the SSID is not set via the scanning option. When set the SSID manually, rebooting the phone via telnet will let the phone register at startup…..
  • As the phone I got, has the Turkish branding, I gave a demo at a Turkish restaurant. I set the WiFi security, scanned the WiFi networks, choose the right SSID and it registered fine, even after switching the phone off and on by pulling the power cord out. Back home it could not find any AP’s, entered the SSId manually, gave a reboot in telnet and registration at startup worked fine.
And this tip from another reader for changing the phone’s language from Turkish to English –
  • To switch to English setting:
  • Press the left soft button to go into Menu
  • Scroll to AYARLAR meni
  • Press TAMAAN (SELECT).
  • Select “Telefon ayarlari “
  • Select Dil secenekleri
  • Select Ingilizce

4 thoughts on “Nortel 1535 – WiFi and Language tips

  1. amir

    hello, am having an issue with nortel 1535 i cant make it reg on the sip server , everything is right but it doesnt login , i have ver 2.89 the turkish one

  2. Soccer

    hola, alguien puede ayudarme a configurar mi telefono IP Nortel 1535 eh conectado el cable de red y eh colocado la IP, cascara, puerta de enlace y dns pero me sale un error de que el teléfono no esta registrado.

  3. Soccer

    Hello, can someone help me set up my phone eh 1535 Nortel IP connected the network cable and the IP eh placed, shell, gateway and dns but I get an error that the phone is not registered.

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