Humbug – Google Analytics for your Asterisk server

I came across a very interesting service today from a company called Humbug Labs.

Humbug Labs

It’s billed as the telecoms equivalent to Google Analytics, and I think that gives you a good idea what it’s about. You install a small application on your Asterisk server that feeds the CDR records to their cloud platform.

Once there you can do lots of interesting analysis, reporting and alerting. It produces nice graphs on traffic flows and can aggregate statistics from multiple PBXs.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the realtime fraud alerting. You can create custom alerts that trigger on defined traffic patterns. For example – if your PBX should have no outgoing calls between 20:00 and 06:00 then you can create a rule that will alert if outbound calls are placed during these times. Alerts can be via e-mail or SMS.

There are lots of alert filters including time of day, day of week, built in blacklists, call duration …

The guys at Humbug Labs plan to introduce premium paid-for features later in the year but to keep the analytics service free.

I’ve yet to do some proper testing with a production server but I think this has the potential to be an excellent addition to any Asterisk installation.

Here are some screen shots. Sign up and give it a go. Please post a comment below with your experiences!

Humbug Statistics

Humbug Alerts

1 thought on “Humbug – Google Analytics for your Asterisk server

  1. Lee

    Hey Matt,

    Gotta say, after having my PBX hacked on several occasions, this is exactly what I needed.

    Have only just started to set it up, with a little help of course, I am now able to restrict calls to countries that I know my clients dont call to and to international premium rate numbers.

    Will keep you posted if I have any problems.


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