HTC Desire, Android Gingerbread and Asterisk

I’ve been running the LeeDroid ROM on my HTC Desire for a while now but after trying to upgrade to the latest version went a little haywire I decide to see what other options there were.

I wanted to run Android 2.3 – Gingerbread – but HTC havn’t released their HTC Sense for the Desire/Gingerbread combination yet, so if you want to run Android 2.3 you can, just without Sense.

I installed CyanogenMod 7.0.2 which is based on Android 2.3.3. The install was easy on my rooted Desire and after having it for a day I don’t think I’ll miss HTC Sense.

One really nice feature is the addition of a SIP stack as standard. I was able to type in the name of my Asterisk server, plus the extension and secret, and start making calls immediately. I’ve used SipDroid before but the integration of SIP in Gingerbread seems much nicer.

I called my Asterisk voicemail over both WiFi and 3G without any problems but, as always with VOIP and WiFi/3G, you are going to want a good signal and not be moving around to get acceptable results.

Here are some screenshots of my Gingerbread install –

The Internet Call option settings in GingerbreadSelecting Internet Calling optionsAsterisk SIP settings

Choosing whether to make the call over VOIPAn Asterisk voicemail call in progress

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  1. matt Post author

    I tried G729 but never had much luck from my mobile, either via WiFi or 3G. My preference is to have a local DDI number and to call that then dial out the the destination.

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