FreePBX video guide Part 3 – Inbound Calling

This is part 3 of the video guide for getting started with FreePBX. This follows on from Part 2 which can be found here –

The system used was a clean install of a SysAdminMan virtual server. You can find more details about this here –

The softphone used is called Blink, this works on both Windows and Linux and you can find more details on that here –



2 thoughts on “FreePBX video guide Part 3 – Inbound Calling

  1. Mark Shariar

    Hello Matt,
    I learned a lot from your video but my question is how do I send a call to A2Billing. The reason I want to set up prepaid calling card and web based calling cards. In this method some is going to call our system then customer is going to be prompted to enter the pin number to place international calls by using our A2Billing system. This cards are pre paid and pre printed for the customer. And those cards are going to be sold through the retail store.
    Therefore, when call goes to A2billing, then it needs to authenticate the customer pin number via the A2Billing. When customers money run out it must disconnect the call with a pre-announcement.

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