FreePBX: Module Admin and System Update

This tutorial is based on Asterisk 1.6.2 and FreePBX 2.7

FreePBX is based on a modularised architecture. This means that features can be enabled and disabled as required. It also means that new features can be added as modules become available.

The FreePBX version can also be upgraded using an ‘upgrade module’.

Before doing any upgrades to FreePBX it is always advisable that you have a full system backup in case of encountering issues. Also be aware that if you use the FreePBX backup module to backup the configuration you may experience issues if you try to restore this to a different version of FreePBX.

To view the modules that are installed click on the Module Admin menu option –

To apply updates to any modules that have updates available click on “Check for updates online”.  Then click on “Upgrade all” and “Process”

After the upgrade has completed you must click on the orange “Apply configuration changes” bar.

To upgrade the version of FreePBX click on the “2.x Upgrade Tool” then on “Download and Install”. Then click on process –

After installing the upgrade module you will have a new menu on the left hand menu bar called “2.x Upgrade Tool” –

After clicking on UPGRADE NOW button you must then go the the Module Admin screen again and repeatedly run Upgrade All until all modules have been updated. After this is complete click on the orange Apply Configuration Changes button –