FreePBX and A2Billing documentation requests

I try to write as much documentation for FreePBX and A2Billing as possible but sometimes it’s difficult to come up with ideas for what to write next.

If you have any requests, especially if you think the documentation might help lots of people, please write them in the comments below.

I can’t promise to write them, but please share any ideas.

Thanks, Matt

19 thoughts on “FreePBX and A2Billing documentation requests

  1. Franky

    How about some documentation on dial plans? I struggle to find any that use uk area codes in their examples, pretty sure this would benefit many people

  2. matt Post author

    Hi Franky,

    It’s a good idea. I will do something along those lines soon.

    Many thanks, Matt

  3. Waldemar Vieira

    is a possible explanation of the subject “force call plan”, and how to configure Asterisk and A2Billing, some providers who charge by different sources such as phone booth, pay phone, Mobile

  4. matt Post author

    Hi Waldemar, that setting just forces a specific agi-conf to use a fixed call plan. You have to be a little careful with it as if you ever delete that callplan in the future your calls will obviously stop working and it can be tricky to figure out why!

  5. Marcin

    Hi, in terms of adding additional languages to a2billing – I understand that I would need to create a new directory in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/new and drop the new audio files there; this is for asterisk but where is the directory for a2b voice prompts in sysadminman template? I would also need to create new agi-conf and change the language setting there?

    I would like all incoming calls from a specific trunk to hit this new language config; which “extension…….conf” file needs pointing to the new agi-conf file? In standard asterisk it is a bit easier as there is only one dial-plan file 🙂

  6. matt Post author

    The language files go in the same place as the Asterisk ones. To point to a new AGI file you can edit the files /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf. That’s where the current ones are setup.

    Those context are then referenced by creating a Custom Destination in FreePBX, and putting the Inbound Route through to the Custom Destination.

    Hope that helps!

  7. Marcin

    Matt, Thank you for advise, it works like a dream now!!! Is there any limit of AGIs that I can create? I guess it depends to memory/CPU load?

  8. Yuchen

    Please introduced how to realize the extension a2billing through between billing, such as the extension 1001 call 1002.Now a lot of material are introduced by extension to realize trunk connections PSTN billing, no extension of between about billing。
    Thank you very much!

  9. Gerald

    How about an in depth document covering the steps to upgrade A2Billing? I have searched high and low and have found the documentation available covers what to do but not how…

    I am not a linux expert and would love a step by step with examples that I could adjust to work with my system.

  10. Alan

    Hi Matt
    Could you also provide how to setup GoIP with Asterisk+FreePBX for outbound and inbound call.?
    I just bought GoIP and don’t know how to setup it. Thanks

  11. Haddly

    Hi Matt, would it be possible to do a tutorial on how to install a2billing version 2 as a standalone? on a brand new server

  12. Jake

    Matt, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have been struggling with setting different outbound caller ID’s for months now and could not figure it out. I was a day away from creating a trunk for every outbound number just to get it done. I do have one request, setting name for called ID. Lets say I have multiple accounts on a2b and one account calls another only the number shows, is there an easy way to set the caller name? Thank you

  13. oubram

    hello every one here!
    thank you matt for every effort you are doing here
    i was able to install a2billing verision 2.0.5 and asterisk 11.3.0 without freepbx and it works flawlessly!
    i am still testing the power of asterisk 11.3 to be sure to go ahead with my project as there is still some litlle issues with the NAT
    i am planing to make a2billing server behind a kamailio 4.0 as a rock sip router
    what do you think? please can you tell me how to configure that the a2biling cards can call internaly free
    i am also working on making a High availibility for this project as building a second server and make a heartbeating for it and replicate the database.
    thank you so much

  14. Matias

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks so much for your help. ITS REALLY USEFULL!!!!

    I just want to know how really works the Agents panel on A2Billing, specially the Singup URL. I know that i have to create on, make a group to him and add customer to his oun group but dont know how url’s works. Could you help me with that?

    Thanks again for your help,


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