A2Billing troubleshooting – Ratecard Simulator

Getting your A2Billing rates, ratecards and call plan set up correctly can be quite confusing. One of the most useful troubleshooting tools is the ratecard simulator.

This can be found under RATES / Simulator –

a2billing ratecard simulator

This works by choosing a customer card ID and and entering a telephone number that you are trying to dial (in the format you are trying to dial it). If the phone number successfully matches a rate in the rate cards assigned to the customer, A2Billing will display the matching rate.

If no matching rates are displayed then you have something setup incorrectly.

Likely problems are –

  • your call plan has no rate cards assigned
  • you are dialling the number in the wrong format (maybe a missing international format)
  • the customer has a zero balance

6 thoughts on “A2Billing troubleshooting – Ratecard Simulator

  1. Nima

    [ERROR ::> RateEngine didnt succeed to match the dialed number over the ratecard (Please check : id the ratecard is well create ; if the removeInter_Prefix is set according to your prefix in the ratecard ; if you hooked the ratecard to the Call Plan)]

    All Callplan, ratecard, trunk, provide and rates are fine. RateCard is inserted into callplan. International prefix is set properly and rates are generated. But when using simulator, I get No Matching Rate Found.

    I have this Error on VPS, But on a regular home server i don’t

    did anyone find any soltution?

  2. matt Post author

    You should check that dates on the call plan, rate card and rates look good. I’ve seen a valid-to date of 0000-00-00 cause this.

  3. Mini0n

    Thank you matt.
    That was exactly the problem. The ratecard had 0000-00-00 00:00:00 as expire date. Once I changed it to a valid date, it worked. 🙂

  4. Eugene

    I have same error. Check all. Rate card, callplan, date’s. All OK. expired date set to 2024-03-03 14:54:35 but error still.
    How solve this issue?

  5. Matt Newcombe Post author

    The only other thing I’ve seen is if you have a timezone mismatch as there are a few places to set it. You could rule this out by setting the start date a couple of days earlier.

    Are you sure you have the rate card in the call plan?

  6. jarasyola

    I agree with Matt, i have the same problem, i found the ratecard had 0000-00-00 00:00:00 as expire date, i changed it but the problem persist, check the server time was 3 hours behind, so i changed it to current time and it was working fine

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