A2B: Whitelisting IP addresses

The A2Billing VPS template (A2B100) includes several security measures to protect your server. These include –

  • Fail2ban – which blocks IP addresses that make failed SIP registration attempts to your Asterisk server
  • Denyhosts – which blocks IP addresses that make failed SSH connection attempts to your server
  • A2Billing admin whitelisting – only specified IP addresses are allowed to connect to the A2Billing admin interface

To whitelist IP addresses so that you can access the admin interface, and prevent IP addresses from accidentally getting blocked, you can run the following script, providing it with the IP address to whitelist –

[[email protected] ~]# /usr/local/bin/whitelist.sh

Obviously change the IP address for the one you want to whitelist.

Alternatively just open a ticket in the support system asking for this to be done.