A2B: Providing DDI/DID numbers with A2Billing

As well as providing outbound termination with A2Billing it’s also possible to provide DID/DDI numbers to your customers.

Here’s a quick guide to doing this with the SysAdminMan A2B100 template. This guide should be read in conjunction with this post for setting up outbound termination in A2Billing – http://sysadminman.net/blog/2011/a2b100-quick-start-guide-to-wholesale-with-a2billing-3127

First we need to pass the incoming DDI calls from our DDI provider to A2Billing. The exact steps might differ a little depending on your DDI provider. This example uses a free number from http://www.ukddi.com/

First we set the destination of the call with our DDI provider. This will pass the call to our Asterisk/A2Billing server. Here’s how to set the destination with ukddi.com –

Next, on our A2Billing server we need to tell Asterisk to pass the incoming call to A2Billing. We do this by modifying the file /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf. We need to add a couple of lines under the [default] setting. This will match the number we specified to the left of the @ sign in our ukddi destination, and pass the call to A2Billing –

exten => _44203.,1,Goto(a2billing-did,${EXTEN},1)
exten => _44203.,n,HangUp()

This passes all calls that begin with the number 44203 to A2Billing  (and a2billing-did is set to pass the call as a DDI/DID call, rather than, say, a calling card access call).

Next we need to reload the Asterisk dial plan to make those changes take effect –

[[email protected] ]# asterisk -rv
a2b100*CLI> dialplan reload
a2b100*CLI> exit

Next we need to set that DDI/DID number up in A2Billing and assign it to a customer. Go to INBOUND DID, Add::Search, Add DID. Now enter the DID number (in the same format as before) and set any charging information –

Now the customer can either purchase that DDI through the customer interface, or we can allocate it to a customer. I’m going to allocate it to an A2Billing customer and pass the call to them.

Select INBOUND DID, Destination, Add Destination. For the Destination of the call I’m going to set SIP/[email protected]_server. This will pass the call to the remote Asterisk server, keeping the DDI number the same. This is a VOIP CALL so set that to Yes –

If everything is set up correctly A2Billing should pass the call through to the remote server and we should see the entry in the A2Billing CDR’s –

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  1. Cenk

    Hi Matt,

    How can I use this DID for all calling cards? Here we can only select one customer id.


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