voip.ms with Asterisk

I’ve been testing voip.ms, an ITSP based in Canada, for the past few weeks.

They have quite a few interesting features including a server located in London (which has been producing good results for me),  multiple ways to download rate information (CSV, Excel, XML API …) and the ability to set up reseller accounts.

It works well with Asterisk and below are an example of settings that can be used for a FreePBX trunk –

Trunk Name:


Dial Rules alter the way that the dialled number is passed to the call provider. This can be used to convert a number dialled in the local country format to an ‘international’ format. For instance, in the UK, you would want to remove the leading zero and replace it with the country code, 44.

Dial Rules:


Trunk Name:


PEER Details:


Register String:

USERNAME:[email protected]:5060

Obviously you need to replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD with your own voip.ms account details.

6 thoughts on “voip.ms with Asterisk

  1. francis

    Hi … our extension is currently set to: context=from-internal

    Should we use “context=from-trunk” instead?

    We are also using our asterisk and freebpx to use voip.ms for outside calls.

    Would appreciate any help setting this up thanks.

  2. matt Post author

    No, that should work fine. You should leave your extension context as from-internal. The from-trunk context is the default FreePBX one for incoming calls.

  3. jermaine

    hey matt
    ii don’t understand the dial rule. when am making call to the uk using voip.ms rate card in a2billing i have to modify the rate card and add 01144 before the call can go through are u saying i can add this setting to the trunk and not to rate card because it would be very easy to add to trunk in freepbx and not rate card in a2billing

  4. matt Post author

    Adding prefixes via the trunk in FreePBX will not work for an a2billing call. You need to add any numbers via the add prefix option on the trunk in a2billing.

    I would recommend having the rates start with the country code (ie 44 for UK). The 011 can then be added via the trunk in a2billing if required (although I don’t think it is with voip.ms).

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