Using iPhone Skype over 3G with Asterisk and FreePBX

Skype have recently updated their iPhone application to work over 3G. When combined with Skype For Asterisk from Digium it is now possible to call in to your Asterisk server for free over 3G. Unfortunately though this will only last for a short time as Skype are planning on charging for Skype to Skype calls over 3G (I’m not sure how the mobile operators feel about this as they will be the ones losing out on the call revenue!)

Skype on the iPhone is not really useful for receiving calls as, unless the Skype application is running, it is not logged it. Roll on iPhone 4 and multi-tasking!

Once the Skype for Asterisk software is installed and configured it is possible to create Inbound Routes in FreePBX as normal to route the incoming Skype calls to their destination –

One thing that didn’t work (at least on FreePBX x was entering a Skype user ID as a Caller ID Number. This could be useful if you wanted to enter your iPhone Skype ID and route to maybe the phone book or DISA. Entering any text as the Caller ID Number generated the following error –

It is possible to disable this message and make entering a Skype ID possible but you do this at your own risk! The code that checks the format of the caller ID is located here –


(This may vary depending on where your FreePBX is installed)

To disable the format checking of the Caller ID Number entered you need to comment out 2 lines (line numbers 353 and 354 on my versision of FreePBX). You can comment them out by putting a double / in front like this –

    352         var mycid = theForm.cidnum.value.toLowerCase();
    353         // if (!isDialpattern(mycid) && mycid.substring(0,4) != "priv" && mycid.substring(0,5) != "block" && mycid != "unknown" && mycid.substring(0,8) != "restrict" &&         mycid.substring(0,7) != "unavail" && mycid.substring(0,6) != "anonym")
    354         // return warnInvalid(theForm.cidnum, msgInvalidCIDNum);

This change will get overwritten if you update FreePBX (existing inbound routes should continue to work though). You should now be able to enter a Skype user ID as the Caller ID Number.

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  1. Jose

    There is an easier way… just make all the changes you need to the Inbound Route screen, and just before hitting submit, disable Javascript on your browser 🙂

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