Slow rate browsing in A2Billing

I recently looked at an A2Billing 1.34 install that was slow to browse the rates through the GUI. There were over 800,000 rates which was causing the slowdown. While probably not a good idea to have so many rates, it is possible to speed up this screen by creating an index in MySQL.

To do that –

Log in to MySQL –

(you should be able to get the username/password you need from the top of the /etc/asterisk/a2billing.conf file)

mysql -u a2billing-user -p mya2billing

Create an index on the destination field in the cc_ratecard table –

create index ind_cc_ratecard_destination using btree on cc_ratecard(destination);

To find out why queries are taking so long in MySQL you can turn on the slow-query log in MySQL.

See here for more info –